#OTalk Tues 14th October 2014 – Hemiplegia

please take part in this Otalk about Hemiplegia


The week (13th -17th Oct 2014) is Hemiplegia Awareness Week and as an occupational therapist with hemiplegia I thought it would be interesting to host an #OTalk on the subject.

When thinking about how to fill an hour’s Twitter chat, I first thought, well I have hemiplegia but I’m not an expert, so have done some reading, but this video with Al Murray may also challenge or add to your knowledge of hemiplegia http://www.youtube.com/user/hemihelp

I was also pleased to see an article in this month’s OT news (October 22(10) 2014 page 7), “Hemiplegia magic camps reach their Dynamo finale.” In which two occupational therapists Dido Green and Amarlie Moore work with Breath Arts Health Research to conduct clinical tests that examined how hand function and self-esteem can improve after children with Hemiplegia attended a magic camp and learnt tricks.

The article demonstrates that by engaging the children in fun and…

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Clinical Lead OT, working within acute and rehab mental health, 1/7th of the Otalk team. Lived experience of disability. All views expressed here are my own.

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