Possibly one of the most important votes of our life time? Just ensure it’s an informed vote.

The European elections on Thursday, the 23rd of May 2019, before I cast my vote.

With Brexit still an uncertainty,  this election is both crucial and possibly not crucial.  If we leave the European Union none of these MEPs will actually take their seats, But if we remain we need to ensure that the right people that represent us are elected.

The media are portraying this as a second referendum asking voters to make their choice purely on if you feel we should leave or remain in the European Union.

But it’s much more that than,  who our MEP’s are is crucial to how we play a part of the European Union.

You vote should not  be cast as part of some sort of personality contest, we’re not voting for the person we like the best with regards to leaders of particular parties,  leaders come and go but political party’s fundamentally have root’s within certain parameters of values and beliefs, that form political movements like










Among others,

It’s easy for this to get lost in the British media,  who can often distort, or manipulate the truth.

So all I ask before you cast your vote on Thursday,  it to make an informed choice,  I have made that easier,  believe are links to most of your party’s that are standings manifesto for you to read,  and decide for yourself which one most represents you,  not which one you think you should vote for because of a rumour you heard or because our have always voted that way.

Eu manifesto’s

The women’s equality party

Who are their candidates

Labour Party

Who are their candidates

Our European Election Candidates

The Green Party

Who are their candidates

Green Party European Election Candidates

Lib Dem

Who are there candidates

Conservatives – (no manifesto that I can find)
Who are their candidates

Exclusive. The full list of Conservative MEP candidates.

Brexit party – no manifesto (that I can find)
Who are their candidates


Who are their candidates

Change Uk

Who are their candidates

MEP Candidates


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