#OTALK – hosted

11th March 2014 – Occupational Therapy Professional with Disabilities.

13th May 2014 – ‘OT Bread and Butter’

14th October 2014 – Hemiplegia

6th October 2015 – Dignity and Mental Health

27th October 2015 – An Activity Analysis of #OTalk

28th April 2015 – Is going on holiday good for your well-being? What might be the OT Role?

12th April 2016 Exploring independence, what does it really mean to you as an Occupational Therapist?

Tuesday 16th Feb 2016 – Ask not what your regional committee can do for you, but what you can do for your regional committee.

Tuesday 8th Dec 2015 – Culture

Tuesday 8th Nov 2016 – Politics and Health Care

21st March 2017 – OT interview Clinic

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