Presentations and Workshops

Listed here are Presentations and Workshop I have facilitated. – some of which can be seen on the Slide Share website

Occupation Station 21st Century Meaningful Activity – Using Social Media to Engage. Royal College of Occupational Therapist annual conference 12th June 2018 in Belfast.

Your BAOT Northern and Yorkshire Committee  – 6th BAOT Northern and Yorkshire Student Conference 5th June 2015

Lead the way – using social media to enhance your CPD – Leeds Beckett Student led MSc OT and MSc PT research conference 20th January 2015 and Northumbria University OT student conference 1st June 2015.

Acute Psychiatry – Bread and Butter OT – The OT Show, 26th November 2014

Are OT’s inclusive when considering disability? – The OT Show, 26th November 2014

The support that Practitioner’s may require when supervising a disabled student with regard to ‘Reasonable Adjustment’ ‘- workshop- ENOTHE 24th Oct 2014

Social  media as a CPD tool? – BAOT Northern and Yorkshire conference, 17th October 2014, TEWV north Yorkshire OT Network Oct 2014, and TEWV Dietetics meeting 13th November 2014

BAOT Northern and Yorkshire Committee – BAOT Northern and Yorkshire CPD days October, November 2013 and January 2014

Twitter as a CPD tool? – Teesside Uni student Group Oct 2013      

Implementing Computer and Internet Access for Service-users whist in Hospital : the Journey – Poster Presentation COT Conference (Mental Health Specialist Section) Glasgow 2013

Developing an Occupational Therapy Service on a PICU : a Refection – COT Conference (Mental Health Specialist Section) Glasgow 2012

Creativity and its Aid to Recovery – TEWV AHP Conference 2011

Supporting the Disabled Student – TEWV AHP Conference 2009

Differently Able – Teesside University Student Conference 2009

Differently Able – Disability Fringe meeting at COT Conference Brighton June 2009






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